Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Well I have been a bit busy lately but wanted to catch up a bit. Not to much really going around here. We are doing weekend volleyball games with Nicole and gymnastic competitions on Wednesdays with Melody. Lil Jimmy is starting to cry to be picked up and that is so funny. I set him down he cries I pick him up he stops. Funny! I am trying to do more at home mom things like cook. I really don't like to cook much and have not had to because I worked and was gone alot. I prefer to pay for food. So now that I have lost my income, I have to cook more to save the family money. I like to bake cookies does that count? My kids would say yes but I think Jim would like a bit more real food. I have been using the crock pot more and that is nice.
Anyway, yesterday I got so mad at the kids I could have ran away! Nicole and Jon were going at it and I was on the phone. I don't get to talk to my few friends that much so I was just trying to get them to shut up for a few so I could finish my conversation. (my girlfriend is due today with her baby!) so by the time I get of the phone ( like 5 minutes) Jon had thrown a pb&j sandwich at Nicole and missed and it was stuck to the wall! He sprayed her with a juice box too. She was pulling his hair and punching him. I just lost it. He got spanked and both are grounded. He is almost 11 and I don't think I should have to spank anymore but I called him upstairs to talk to me after I had cooled a bit and he was smiling like it was so funny! That's why I spanked him. He looked at me like I was crazy but maybe he will now know I mean NO MORE THROWING THINGS!
This morning I went to sit at the computer and there on my chair was HUGE spider! I hate spiders and just freak out at the sight of them. I am here alone so not sure what to do I get a jar and get him into the jar with a magazine. I then place the jar with the magazine on top on the table in the dining room. I turn around to go get cookies out of the oven and I hear the jar fall! The spider is on the move. I did get him again and now he is one the carpet with the jar over him where he will wait til Jon gets home from school to save me. He will think it is so funny that he has to save his mommy from the big, bad spider. It really is a very large spider and again I hate them.
I started to pack up the baby clothes that Lil Jimmy can't wear anymore and started to think "Do I want another baby" "Should I keep these just in case" I told Jim I was thinking maybe we should have one more so Lil Jimmy has someone to grow up with and he was like "Do it now then so we can get the baby stuff out of the way" I think, today anyway, that I will just stick with Lil Jimmy. Then I cangive him all the attention he needs and it will be like he is an only child. Only 4 years and I will have kids in college(hopefully)
This weeked is my mothers Bday party and I love doing things for her as she is always doing for others.Iam going to get her a sonicare toothbrush as hers broke and she loves it. I hope it goes well I am sure it will.
Oh almost forgot. I came up with my million dollar idea! I am searching patents to see if it has been thought of but I think I am the first. That is a very hard thing to do as there are millions of them. I think I will need to talk to a patent attorney. I am so excited! I think it is a really good idea that can really make some money. Here' to hoping...

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